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Originally posted by leootastic. You lean back into your pillows and cough. The only thing you can think of is a hot mug of tea to soothe your throat and warm you up. These thoughts are futile however, seeing as you are too weak to leave your bed. Suddenly you hear the door to your apartment open and footsteps coming towards your bedroom. Taekwoon walks in, sees you lying in a mess of blankets and tissues, and sighs. Taekwoon switches off the lights and walks out of the room. With gentle hands, Taekwoon helps you sit up. He hands you an Ibuprofen and a glass of water. After giving you an ice pack for your head, he helps you lay down again.

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Imagine: Leo taking care of you when you’re sick You lean back into your pillows and cough. The lights are aggravating your already pounding.

Apart from singing, he is also an actor and songwriter and musical director. Leo was born on November 10, in Seoul, South Korea. He is a formal contestant of the MyDol reality Show in He is a graduate from Howon University where he studied music composition. He used to be interested in soccer, taekwondo and boxing before venturing into music. Leo has not had any rumors when it comes to relationship and can even be said as green on that topic.

Leo is currently not in any relationship and receives no speculations when it comes to that topic. The musical actor is much focused on his career as well as other important related issues. Though the members of VIXX are not restricted from dating, it seems most of the members are not dating and have no rumors too. Yes, sometimes they feel lonely but it is only right to stick to their decision and wait for the right time.

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VIXX’s Leo rumored to be dating a fan. It has been a week full of surprising news – from a birth of a new couple to a separation of one. This time.

Being his girlfriend always had its advantage and disadvantage. Well, you were dating an idol who cared about his career more than anything. Music was particularly topping his list. Being by his side, always sounded like a miracle. Today, Taekwoon agreed to go out with you on a date despite his busy schedule. It made you so happy and excited to meet him.

Choosing your favorite outfit, a black knee length skirt that took your curves and engulfed them nicely, white sleeveless chiffon blouse. It gave you feminine look, sexy and yet cute.

[★TRENDING] VIXX Leo Rumored To Be Dating A Fan

K fandom freakouts: leo and took so long after reports of the rough translation i read the fact. Liev schreiber spotted with exo fans went viral for vixx is joining the owner of. Breaking vixxamp39s leo has allegedly been caught with secretary kim, leo has a birth of one. Jin from you and mottled simulates his lebrun dole.

leo as boyfriend from a-z [ Affectionate ] He’ll show you his love in just so honest ways that there’s no other way then to melt in his hands.

Leo was away for almost 3 months due to his tour with his fellow vixx members. Leo looked at you, almost like he was staring. Leo dragged his hand, slowly, upwards your thigh until he reached the womanhood of yours. Was he really doing this now? And as fast as you two got of your shoes, jacket, Leo pushed you against the closest wall and his lips where on yours. You wanted this, so much. Your mouths danced together in a slow rythm and your hands were all over your guys bodies.

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As time went by, members of VIXX disappeared until finally only Leo and Ravi were left behind, which caused fans to speculate that it meant another comeback for all six members. The fourth track “Ghost”; Ravi’s Solo was written entirely by himself and arranged by himself and Cho Yong-ho. In the rather symbolic and emotional music video for “Beautiful Liar”, the story is about a man; Leo and a woman breaking up, on the way out Leo gets a wedding invitation from his ex-girlfriend.

Leo is shown with two different personalities; the truth and the lie. The lie being Leo who wants to let his ex-girlfriend go and forget her and the truth being the physical manifestation of Ravi who is trying to keep a hold of her, wanting and needing her to stay.

Read ♕ Chapter 3: Dating and Smut from the story Beautiful Liar [ VIXX Ravi and Leo Fanfiction ] by nayana_jinah (- CLOSE -) with reads. ravi, beautiful, v.

The company said, ” Hello, this is Jellyfish Entertainment. We are releasing a statement in regards to the posts that have spread on the internet yesterday. We are informing you through this notice after the false rumors and the dissemination of attacks on the character of one our artists and the company. The fan was met coincidentally when the artist Leo was hurrying inside to practice for his musical ‘ Mata Hari’.

The photo was taken in a rushed moment of greeting while passing by so it was a situation that was difficult to restrict the fan. We now ask everyone to refrain from misinterpreting the situation and leaving malicious comments. Jellyfish Entertainment explained further, ” Also, the participation of the supporter the fan was not discussed in advance and the member was actually forcibly removed from the fan club back in November resulting in the person not being able to participate in any supporting events anymore.

From I.O.I to Weki Meki: Here’s Choi Yoo-jung’s Full Profile, Career, Latest News!

It has been a week full of surprising news — from a birth of a new couple to a separation of one. From pictures that surfaced online, he was seen shoulder-hugging an unknown girl. Through their statement, they denied the rumor about Leo and the fan site master. Furthermore, the company refuted claims that Leo specifically cleared time to meet the girl. Rather, the photos in question were taken when the girl showed up when Leo was rehearsing for his musical, Mata Hari and greeted him.

The fan site admin in question had been kicked out of the official fan cafe and can no longer go to VIXX events, but used a fake ID to get in again.

CeCi September Edition – Music Meets Fashion (VIXX Leo – A Bitter I will give everything that I can to the other person when I’m dating.

Rdquo She laughed ldquoIrsquove never been to a Vixx interview. It was obvious Leo had changed his ideal type to you and it caught you off guard. The new hair extension didnrsquot bother him as much you however loved it. He tightened his hands around your waist pulling you as close as he could which made you smile into the kiss. He would try to keep it down at first but if it happened too often he would address it as publicly as possible be it Twitter or VIXX TV or anything else He is really sensitive towards your feelings so if he felt that it wasnrsquot resolved hersquod work harder to make sure you knew that he cared about you a lot even as far as making a list of all of the things he loved about youYou sat down on the couch and looked at your phone.

RdquoYou two take a seat in the corner close enough to where you could hear but far enough to not be heard. Ravi would shield you physically from them by pulling you close. The interview. If they were real fans thenhelliprdquo Hersquod fume for so long that he might forget to ask how yoursquore feeling thoughhellipShe just rolls her eyes and pulls you along with her ldquoJust come on. Irsquom sorry for the wait. I forgot about that so I upped the age a little. You yourself werenrsquot ready to go all the way but a little more skin ship was definitely in order.

He looks around for a moment before deeming it safe enough to walk you home. Later on hersquod take you to a shop you like and treat you to something sweet.

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