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Endicia software allows you to print postage directly onto your mailpieces. Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the USPS rules in this document. The first step, before using Endicia software to print postage, is to sign up for an Endicia account, after which we will forward your information to the USPS. Your application will be processed immediately after the sign-up is complete and you may then use Endicia software to purchase and print postage. Just like with stamps and postage meters, your account with the USPS must be prepaid to use online postage. You can purchase US postage in any amount and use the postage for domestic and international mail. You can produce postcards, envelopes, self-mailers, fold-outs, newsletters, etc— if you can feed it through your printer, you can print postage on it.

Corresponding with the U.S. Postal Service

Such appointments and promotions shall be in accordance with the procedures established by the Postal Service. The Postal Service shall establish procedures, in accordance with this title, to assure its officers and employees meaningful opportunities for promotion and career development and to assure its officers and employees full protection of their employment rights by guaranteeing them an opportunity for a fair hearing on adverse actions, with representatives of their own choosing.

Notwithstanding any such contract, the Postal Service may at its discretion and at any time remove any such individual without prejudice to his contract rights. Section effective Mar.

Last Revision Date: See individual sections for section update history AEX, A&P and USPS employees must have their performance evaluated at least.

Employees are expected to be loyal to the United States government and uphold the policies and regulations of the Postal Service. Employees are expected to serve on juries and to act as witnesses when summoned by official sources. Employees are expected to discharge their assigned duties conscientiously and effectively.

Allegations of violations of postal laws by postal employees, including mail theft, must be reported immediately to the Office of Inspector General. Employees must obey the instructions of their supervisors. Employees are expected to conduct themselves during and outside of working hours in a manner that reflects favorably upon the Postal Service. Although it is not the policy of the Postal Service to interfere with the private lives of employees, it does require that postal employees be honest, reliable, trustworthy, courteous, and of good character and reputation.

The Federal Standards of Ethical Conduct referenced in Employees must not engage in criminal, dishonest, notoriously disgraceful, immoral, or other conduct prejudicial to the Postal Service. Conviction for a violation of any criminal statute may be grounds for disciplinary action against an employee, including removal of the employee, in addition to any other penalty imposed pursuant to statute. An employee who is required by the law of any jurisdiction to register as a sex offender must report in writing that he or she is subject to this requirement, as follows:.

It is a criminal act for anyone who has taken charge of any mail to quit voluntarily or desert the mail before making proper disposition of the mail according to 18 U.

Shipping Policy

Eric Katz. As more than three-dozen U. Postal Service employees have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the agency is taking new steps to protect employees who remain concerned they do not have the proper resources to stay safe. Citing the national diversion to frontline health care workers of personal protective equipment, such as the N95 masks the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended as most effective in preventing the spread of the virus, USPS has instead promised to make standard surgical masks and gloves available to workers upon request.

To date, 40 postal workers have contracted the virus. Many more are home on mandatory quarantine as they may have come in contact with infected individuals.

It shall be the policy of the Postal Service to maintain compensation and benefits for all officers and employees on a standard of comparability to the.

The use of correct abbreviations, street numbers, building or apartment numbers, and route information if applicable is critical for ensuring timely delivery. We do not take responsibility for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments if the address information provided is incorrect or incorrectly entered at the time of purchase. However, expedited shipping is not available to a PO Box.

Other carrier options are available and we reserve the right to change carriers at any time. The consignee authorizes Fashion Nova to import the goods on his behalf. All orders are subject to processing time that is separate and apart from the time it takes for a shipment to reach its destination once it has been picked up from our fulfillment center by the applicable carrier. Depending on a number of factors, standard domestic and international orders may take up to 2 business days excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays to process.

After your payment is authorized and verified, standard orders can still take 2 business days to process. This is just an estimate and doesn’t include weekends or holidays.

Postal Employees

Sign up for our weekly newsletter- the latest horror, humor, and hope around economic inequality in your inbox every Monday. The United States Postal Service is a beloved American institution that helps bind the nation by delivering universal service at reasonable rates to nearly million addresses, no matter how remote. This public service is older than the nation and continues to play a vital role in supporting public health and economic stability.

And yet the Postal Service is also under threat from the current administration and at risk of service cuts and possible privatization. Our research and writing explores how this would be a destructive outcome for workers, businesses, and communities across the country.

USPS employees must pay % of the cost of Optional insurance. • FEGLI is group You only have 60 days from the date of your appointment to an eligible you may convert your FEGLI coverage to an individual policy. The conversion.

In response to these concerns, USPS has established a new mailing address for sending medical support-related questions. We have outlined the following methods for communicating with the USPS. Box Greensboro, NC The information is automated-no customer service representative is available. The USPS has a Customer Service number where you may obtain information through automated options or speak with a representative available weekdays except Wednesday , p. Once you have obtained name and code of the NCP’s health insurance, specific information on individual plans is available at the following Office of Personnel Management OPM web sites:.

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USPS Handbooks and Manuals

A staggering 17, workers, or 3 percent of the United States Postal Service workforce, have been quarantined since the start of the pandemic, according to a recent report by Government Executive magazine. To date, around 70 percent of those quarantined have been cleared to come back to work. Management acknowledges that 2, workers have tested positive for COVID, out of a total workforce of approximately , However, USPS officials have not made publicly available the number of deaths.

The report by Government Executive , published May 21, was able to confirm that federal workers had died to date from the coronavirus pandemic, including 60 USPS workers. He works at the Morgan Processing and Distribution Center, one of the largest mail processing facilities in the country.

Sign up for our COVID newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus A USPS mail carrier at the Middle Village post office told QNS that, much like “We were just told about a new liberal leave policy,” they said.

Supervisors and managers should be forthright in their evaluations of employees, and the performance evaluation process should be a constructive tool for continual improvement, documenting substandard performance, and recognition of employees’ performance. To specify the methods and responsibilities for conducting and reporting employee performance evaluations. Performance evaluations shall be based on total performance in fulfilling assigned responsibilities.

The purpose of the evaluation is to assess performance, to communicate performance effectiveness, and to aid in improving performance in the areas of behavioral expectations, assigned duties and responsibilities, and position competencies. USPS ePerformance evaluations should be reviewed by the higher level supervisor when applicable prior to discussing the evaluation with the employee.

Higher level supervisor review is not required when the rating is completed by a Department Chair, Dean, Director, Assistant Vice President, Vice President, or the President, unless otherwise required by departmental policy. When the performance evaluation is discussed, the employee shall be provided with information regarding the basis of the evaluation and then given the opportunity to acknowledge receipt of the evaluation in OMNI HR.

The employee may provide written comments electronically on the OMNI HR evaluation form or submit a written document to their supervisor. The completed evaluation form and employee comments, if applicable, shall be placed in the employee’s official personnel file. The evaluation rating period shall cover the specific period shown on the evaluation and will not cover a period not yet worked.

Only one overall rating may be in effect for a specific period.

More US Postal Service employees test positive for COVID-19; safety rules in effect

You can buy Post Office Travel Insurance today. It covers emergency medical and repatriation costs if you fall ill abroad, even with coronavirus. For full details, including how coronavirus affects existing policies, please visit our support page. You can order currency online for home delivery or collection.

This part contains rules of conduct for the employees of the Postal Service. Standards and Supplemental Regulations within 30 days from the date of the ruling.

All rights reserved. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. The Postal Service has put a management hiring freeze in place and will soon accept early retirements from non-union postal employees as part of a reorganization the agency announced Friday. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has also reshuffled USPS executives and restructured the agency to focus on three lines of effort — retail and delivery operations, logistics and processing, and commerce and business solutions.

Insight by RSA: Federal technology experts discuss how the remote access boom will accelerate both cybersecurity and the validity of the notion that a remote workforce can accomplish the mission in this exclusive executive briefing. Scott Bombaugh now serves as the acting chief technology officer, Steve Monteith is the acting chief customer and marketing officer and Pritha Mehra will serve as the acting chief information officer.

Sign up for our newsletters for the latest news affecting the federal workforce. The Postal Service, weathering long-term financial challenges made worse by the coronavirus pandemic, is also preparing for a record volume of mail-in ballots this November while also streamlining its operations to cut costs. Since taking office in June, DeJoy has introduced operational changes to cut transportation and overtime costs that in some cases have led to temporary mail delays.

Less than three months out from Election Day, USPS election mail coordinators have met with state and local election officials to discuss the timeline officials should set to ensure all ballots are received and submitted on-time. DeJoy also walked back concerns that the Trump administration seeks to privatize the Postal Service, as it proposed in a government reorganization strategy.

DeJoy has called on Congress to reconsider a mandate to pre-fund retiree health benefits that has led to USPS defaulting on billions of dollars in payments in recent years.